HSR Tidings Intro

This space is where you’ll find posts from our newsletter—we’re calling it HSR Tidings

You might be interested in Tidings if you generally like our style, want to keep up-to-date with us and our artists, are interested in hearing the perspective of a small music business, or are interested in the process of starting a small record label from scratch.

Tidings is meant to be pretty free-form and occasionally long-form! It’s a place for the things which wouldn’t belong in a social media post and where you can find out more about artists and how the sausage is made. Mailings won’t follow a set schedule and will appear whenever we have time and something interesting to write. 

Send us an email at tidings@hotsaladrecords.com if you want us to talk about something in particular! We have a few ideas but we’re always open for more. 

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