Who Are We?

We’re a community who like collaborating on music projects. HSR is the formal structure where this work can happen and expand.

Our Mission

We want more music to exist. Our focus is on growing newer artists and giving their music a better chance to be heard

Our Advertising Philosophy

Sales are an important part of our model, but we don’t like fluff pieces or hustle culture and we don’t believe in selling things that don’t sell themselves.


Because a limp, microwaved bowl of greens is a supremely unappealing image, “Hot Salad” became the joke name of a love song by Q Curius. The phrase became an exclamation—like “hot dog!” or “good golly!”—and its exclamation gives the phrase its all-caps stylization. It’s a strange name but it sticks in peoples’ minds.

Manufacturing / Processing

We’re a small operation so manufacturing and processing can take a few business days. Additionally, we typically take holidays off.

Shipping / Returns

We currently ship all packages through the USPS.
We will exchange most items that are broken or defective. Read more in our Return Policy.

Profit Transparency

75% of the profit for each sale goes to the artist. 50% goes directly to the artist and/or contributing artists responsible for the work and 25% goes into a co-managed fund meant for reinvestment in the artist to support artist growth and future projects. The artist has final say regarding the use of this fund.
The other 25% of profit goes to the HSR general fund for building and maintaining label infrastructure.


Normally, demo submission is by invitation only. Occasionally we may open submissions via our social media.


Questions for the label or our roster? Shoot an email to

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