Lost Mary

Lost Mary is the folk songwriting project of Luke Martin and David “DJ” Johnson.

Luke and DJ met in college when Luke found DJ playing a cigar box guitar in a common room. Their sophomore year, the two worked on their first song when Luke played DJ a tune he had written about a recent heartbreak (Darlin’). DJ helped him punch up the song, give it a solo and a finished feel, and the two discovered that they worked well together.

They continued playing music together and recorded their favorite jams on their phones. Unfortunately, these phones often broke taking dozens of song ideas with them. The summer after graduating, they re-recorded the majority of these songs for their first full-length album.

They are currently recording their second project.

A young DJ once made a guitar out of cardboard to pretend to play along with his favorite songs—music like Eric Clapton, Elvis, 60’s R&B, and the Blues. DJ draws inspiration from George Harrison of the Beatles and says that his goal is to play the real guitar as well as he played that cardboard one.

Luke also grew up listening to Elvis and started listening to folk in high school when he was introduced to Mumford and Sons and Bob Dylan. Luke draws inspiration from Gregory Alan Isakov who he once passed by in a hallway.

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