Q Curius

Q Curius is the melodic rap project of Atlanta writer, Forester McClatchey.

A disciple of OutKast and Goodie Mob, Forester started writing and releasing songs under the moniker Q Curius in 2014 while working with producer, Ian Ostaszewski (Jetski / DJ Victor Borge). In spring 2016, Forester met Joel Calvert and they started working together on a collection of beats which became the project’s first LP, Abrasive Materials. The album was released on December 1st of that year.

Over the next couple years, Forester and Joel released three singles and two EPs: Science and Science Harder. They are currently working on the project’s second LP, which will sprinkle the listener with Medieval sounds.

A typical QC song combines pop structures with rap and hip-hop-inspired vocal hooks.

QC is ambivalent about its status as rap, and, out of bashfulness, tends not to feed on hip-hop history, opting instead for a more shilly-shallying diet. Songs might take inspiration from a Balzac novella (“Sarrasine”), a Derek Walcott poem (“Not Enough”), or a camping trip (“Needles or Leaves”). There is no governing principle.

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