The Loogies

The Loogies are a Nashville-based indie rock band with a sardonic outlook and a scatter-shot, home-brew sound.  Drawing on a variety of influences, the Loogies are as comfortable with the purring of distorted guitar as chardonnay-smooth horn sections.  The Loogies began jamming in their backyard several years ago, and haven’t stopped since.  Their first show was in a garage alongside Samm Willard and Isaac Cleghorn in 2017.

Influences range from Beck, The Violent Femmes, The Beatles, Lou Reed, Pixies, Beat Happening, The Breeders, Wilco, and whatever else your dad likes. Whether indighting the ultra-rich or singing about opossums and retired old rock singers, no song sounds like the one before. If it’s not your flavor, try the next one.  One of the tracks will be. Rock n roll music is too serious sometimes, especially songs about the lead singer’s genitals. Shouldn’t music be fun for most of the family? If you could bottle and sell The Loogies, the label would read, “sixty thousand watts of good will.”

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