What is a HOT SALAD?

About Us

Why the name “HOT SALAD”?
We know it’s strange but it sticks with you!

Who are we?
We’re a record label based in rural, southern Michigan that works with smaller artists.

What do we do?
We get the music of smaller artists to more ears. We produce, distribute, promote, and sell music and music merchandise.

What makes us special?
Our artists maintain the copyright to their masters forever and publishing rights always revert to the artist. Additionally, we have one of the highest, pro-artist profit splits in the industry.

What is this profit split?
Revenue after cost recoupment is split 40/40/20 with 40% going to HSR, 40% going directly to the contributing artists, and 20% going to a co-managed fund meant for reinvestment in future collaborations between the artist and HSR. The artist has final say regarding the use of this fund, meaning that if the artist has no interest in future projects with HSR, they can take a total 60% of the profits.

How do I send you music?
Right now we're focusing on our current roster so demo submission is by invitation only. When we start accepting general submissions we'll let you know on our social media.

Shipping / Returns
We will exchange most items that are broken or defective. Read more in our Refund Policy.

Questions? Complaints? Reckless praise? Shoot an email to contact@hotsaladrecords.com.