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Buy the self-titled, first album of Lost Mary, the folk songwriting project of Luke Martin and David Johnson.

Lost Mary is available in CD format. The album includes 12 songs with a total run-time of 43 minutes. 8-page lyric and art booklet included with the CD jewel case.

Digital formats are available on Bandcamp.

Vocals, lyrics, instrumentation by Luke Martin and David Lee Johnson III
Mixing, mastering by Joel Calvert
Album art by Forester McClatchey.
Layout by Joel Calvert.

HSR- LP002
Released 2018

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Lost Mary

The album comprises three years of secretive songwriting by Luke Martin and David “DJ” Johnson. Recorded in the heat of summer 2017 in a house in Southern Michigan, the LP is a soundtrack of front porches, rusty train tracks, sunny river deltas, late nights, lonely rooms, and smokey basements.

Tracklist includes:

  1. Time on the Delta (3:54)
  2. Achilles’ Song (2:56)
  3. Car to Chicago (2:31)
  4. Wait (4:24)
  5. I Know You Better (3:40)
  6. Love Me Tender (2:55)
  7. Golden Youth (4:39)
  8. What I Lost (4:15)
  9. Buried Hearts (2:41)
  10. Northbound Train (Darlin’) (3:30)
  11. Laney, Indiana (4:08)
  12. Devil’s Dues (3:28)


All recording sessions took place in a small bedroom under the stairs of their un-air-conditioned house. With the doors and windows closed to keep out noise, the summer heat turned the bedroom studio into a sauna even during short recording sessions. After recording, Luke and DJ would go upstairs and work into the early morning writing new songs and refining old ones. They’d wake up at 4pm and do it all again. This process continued for three months until the album was finished.

Six people lived in the house that summer and everyone helped Luke and David record parts of Lost Mary. All housemates ended up singing backup vocals throughout the album, guitarist Jake Coonradt laid down a signature solo, and another housemate helped as the album’s recording engineer. 

The Music

Luke and DJ secretly recorded dozens of song ideas onto their phones during the years before this album. Unfortunately, these phones never survived very long, and accidents erased most of these old track ideas. Nevertheless, the best of these songs held their memory made it safely onto Lost Mary.

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