Q Curius | Abrasive Materials | CD


Buy the first full-length album of Q Curius, the melodic rap music project of Atlanta writer, Forester McClatchey.

Abrasive Materials is available in CD format. The album includes 10 songs with a total run-time of 41 minutes. 8-page lyric and art booklet included with the CD jewel case.

Digital formats are available on Bandcamp.

Vocals and lyrics by Forester McClatchey
Additional vocals by Catherine Coffey, Catherine Lennon, and Mark Naida
Production, mixing, and mastering by Joel Calvert
Artwork and layout by Joel Calvert

HSR- LP001
Released 2016

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Abrasive Materials

This album is a collaboration between lyricist Forester McClatchey and producer Joel Calvert. They began recording the LP in March 2016, releasing it on December 1st. The title comes from an industrial finishing business in Hillsdale, Michigan. 

Tracklist includes:

  1. Most Hated Man (3:28)
  2. LiquorChikenHorse (1:56)
  3. Make the Rules 4:13)
  4. Sitting Stiller (3:21)
  5. ETC (5:01)
  6. subsubsubculture (3:02)
  7. Needles or Leaves (6:28)
  8. Kairos (3:57)
  9. Peripatetic (5:25)
  10. Donnybrook (5:05)


Summer of 2015, Joel and Forester found themselves sharing music in an Oxford basement during an overseas trip when they discovered a shared love of unorthodox pop and production. At that time, Forester was already creating music as Q Curius, and Joel was making instrumentals in his spare time.

Next spring, Joel created a few beats for Q Curius and Forester quickly turned around a couple demos. These demos encouraged the two and they developed more songs while releasing a few tracks as singles over the spring. After graduation, Forester returned to Atlanta, Georgia while Joel remained in Michigan. They would not see each other in person again until a year later. Over email and occasional video calls, they continued working on the album through the summer and fall, releasing a few more singles. The full album was finally released on December 1st, becoming the first music released on the HOT SALAD Records label.


The album’s sound is a melding of personal tastes. Joel (a fan of weird pop) attempted to make some traditional rap beats for Forester (a Southern rap expert), but he couldn’t stay away from pop sounds and structures. Forester relished this pop sound and responded to it. As the two continued to pass track demos back and forth they responded to the other’s work until a track was completed. The result is a frenetic, electronic landscape planted with pop melodies and rap sensibilities.

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